European Wilderness Volunteer DiaryThe Diary of the European Wilderness Society Volunteers

Back to Eberswalde

What for a time! The training period with EWS is going well so far. For me, it is really exciting to get an insight of project work. And furthermore my mountain shoes are already broken in.

After a great first month working with EWS with and superb team I was visiting Eberswalde for a meeting with the BEECH POWER project team. I met Marcus (who was that day alone) in their beautiful office near the forest and botanical garden. I had a great time, an interesting talk with him and was getting helpful information. Even though I like living in Tamsweg it was also great seeing the city of Eberswalde and the University again.

As the weather was good, we went hiking in a climbing forest, which was fun and kind of adventurous, despite a short rain shower. On the next day we’d done a canoe trip down the ‘Finow’ river to the next city (8 km away) with quite a few sluices. As we were coming home in the evening I really was exhausted from paddling. However, it still was a nice day. Now I am glad being back in Tamsweg and going back to the everyday life.

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