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Graz: Kunsthaus, Schlossberg and Schloss Eggenberg

Olha is here and I’m continuing to unfold the culmination of my 7-day expedition across Austria’s beloved cities, my path led me to the final destination: Graz.

There, my hosting organization team members graciously arranged a place to stay for me. I was picked up from the station, drawn to the flat, and received a curated list of must-visit spots in Graz.

My first stop was the Kunsthaus. Established in the Capital of Culture year 2003, this building stands out as an architectural marvel in Graz. Named the “Friendly Alien” by its designers, the structure stands out against the city’s baroque skyline with its unique shape.

Even though I’m not usually drawn to modern art, I was pleasantly surprised by the museum’s library. There, I discovered a book featuring cinema and theater photographs by Bridget Lacombe, a renowned French photographer.

Post museum, I scaled Schlossberg. This natural highpoint offers a panoramic 360° view of Graz. This hill, steeped in history, forms the heart of Graz’s old town.

Continuing my cultural journey, I visited the Graz Cathedral. Emperor Friedrich III’s legacy echoes within its walls.

 Built between 1438 and 64 as a court church, the cathedral’s intricate design with it’s wall paintings, vibrant testaments to history and artistry left me absolutely spellbound.

The sun rose on another day, and I found myself at the majestic Schloss Eggenberg, Styria’s grandest and most significant Baroque palace complex. 

This historical gem presents itself with its original furnishings intact, a vast landscape garden, and impressive collections of medieval and Baroque art In 2010, the castle earned the esteemed honor of joining Graz, UNESCO World Heritage City, adding to its prestige.

After delving into the castle’s rich history, I took a leisurely stroll through the castle gardens, where graceful peacocks added enchantment to the picturesque scenery.

As evening approached, raindrops began to fall over the city. I hopped on a tram, observing Graz’s evening life from the window – a serene conclusion to my week-long adventure.

Ironically, my journey began and concluded with rain but with sunshine reigning in between.

I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to embark on this trip during my volunteering at the European Wilderness Society with the support of Erasmus + European Solidarity Corp programme. Stay tuned for new adventures!

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