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Organic farm on hill and tour to Grossglockner

Olha Krahel

Olha is here, and I’m thrilled to continue sharing my mesmerising experience in Lungau!

Organic farm

On Friday, I embarked on my next adventure – a visit to a small organic farm located on a hill. It seemed like the mountain road, with its 18 serpentine turns, was made specifically to lead us to a picturesque destination – one charming household. Upon arrival, we were greeted by a family and their animals. I counted at least 10 cows, but there for sure were even more, including young calves.

Sadly, this farm had encountered a heartbreaking problem with neighbors and lack of knowledge about stock protection. However, deep love for their animals led them to implement the most effective solution: the introduction of shepherd dogs to protect their stock. They also employed protective fences using the most efficient technologies, ensuring the safety of their animals while preserving the biodiversity of the surrounding landscape.

The location of the farm itself was absolutely stunning. The summer mountains showcased their exceptional beauty, adorned with a remarkable array of flora that tempted me to capture countless photos at every step. Flowers were blooming with all colours of the rainbow.

Later, we went for a cup of coffee and were surprised to discover that coffee service only started at 5 PM. Which we actually should have expected because we were in a small village, so we resigned to the thought of going without coffee that day, but to our delight, the doors opened, and the owner welcomed us in. It was a heartwarming encounter that added to the day’s charm.

Grossglockner Pasterze Glacier

After warming farewell to Max and Anni, I joined colleagues from Life4Delta for a trip to the Grossglockner Pasterze Glacier. Standing at an impressive height of 3,798 meters above sea level, the Grossglockner is the highest mountain in Austria. Our journey took us along the Grossglockner High Alpine Road, renowned as one of Austria’s most iconic landmarks. Despite the two-hour drive, it was impossible to tear our eyes away from the breathtaking views outside the window, prompting us to capture countless photos along the way.

Finally, we reached the Kaiser-Franz-Josefs-Höhe, a viewpoint offering a panoramic vista of the Grossglockner and the Pasterze Glacier. Even though the observation platform was located at a height of 2,369 meters, which is more than a kilometer lower than the peak of the mountain, the view from there was truly awe-inspiring!

River and waterfall

Along the way, we made a stop near a stunning river and waterfall, adding to the already amazing trip. We also had the pleasure of spotting the region’s symbolic creatures – the adorable marmots. The landscapes I witnessed throughout the journey were nothing short of natural wonders!

Use SPF!

One important lesson I learned on this trip was the significance of sun protection. I highly advise covering your whole body with appropriate clothing, wearing a hat, sunglasses, and applying SPF cream to protect your skin. Trust me, it’s for your own safety and to prevent sunburned cheeks!

This was an amazing day and I believe that countless adventures await me!

Stay tuned for more exciting updates and posts from my journey.

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