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A Day in Salzburg: St. Peter’s Abbey, Hohensalzburg Fortress and A Lot of Walking

Olha is here and I’m excited to recount my day in Salzburg — the starting point of my grand Austrian adventure during my volunteering at the European Wilderness Society with the support of Erasmus + European Solidarity Corp programme!

Picture this: A rainy morning as a backdrop for the start of the adventure. But yet from that moment on, the sun accompanies me all the way to the end. With the help of Lisa, our project manager, I set off to Radstadt. From there, I boarded a train to my first destination: Salzburg, the cherished hometown of Mozart.

During my travels, I never adhere to a strict plan – instead, I let the town guide me. Once I settled in at the hostel, I took a bus to the heart of the city. It took me through Siegmundstor, I found myself amidst the beauty of Hofstallgasse and by the Rupertusbrunnen.

A few steps away, the charm of Petersbrunnen unfolded – a peaceful square adorned with majestic St. Peter’s Abbey. Founded in the 7th century, it is regarded as the oldest continuously operating monastery in the German-speaking world. It is a space of unparalleled beauty and tranquility. St. Peter’s Cemetery, adorned with funerary monuments and crypts, surrounds the late-Gothic Margarethenkapelle. The atmosphere and history behind it was captivating.

Eager to grasp Salsburg’s layout, I ascended the heights of Hohensalzburg Fortress. The uphill trail to it was a sight to behold. It’s perched high on the fortress mountain above the baroque old town’s roofs. It’s Central Europe’s largest fully preserved castle and Salzburg’s landmark, offering a 360-degree view of the city. 

The city below was like a living canvas. The descent was equally mesmerizing, leading to a serene park, disconnected from the bustling town. This oasis charmed me with crickets’ songs and an isolated house embraced by nature.

Evening was straight out of a dream. The glow of Residenzplatz, the charm of Mozartplatz, and the lively atmosphere of Getreidegasse – all enhanced by the gentle notes of street music and the gleam of the Mirabelle Palace’s fountain.

Salzburg was captivating, leaving me eager for more as I headed to my next destination: Vienna, Austria’s capital! Stay tuned for the upcoming post, where even more adventures await!

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