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Striking for climate and a hike for blisters

Last Friday, EWS participated in the global climate strike. For that we did a cycling strike with the whole team. Luckily, the weather was sunny and even tough it was chilly in the morning, it got warmer during the day. So, we cycled our way through the Lungau to Mauterndorf. There we bought regional and organic food for lunch and had a picnic in front of the Castle Moosham in the sun. Afterwards we went back to Tamsweg, all with some climate signs on us.

During the weekend it was good weather, and it also was one of the last weekends where huts in the mountains are still open. Therefore, Ziva, Hanna and I decided to go for an overnight hike to the Lungauer and Steirische Kalkspitze. On Saturday, we started around 4 pm in the beautiful Weißpriach valley to the Giglachsee. Walking up through various alpine pastures where cows and horses grazed, passing waterfalls with clear blue water and slowly reaching the end of the tree line, you really feel in peace with yourself. As we passed the lovely nature, the sun slowly set and covered everything in a warm yellowish light. Three hours and a bit later, we arrived at the Giglachsee, a really nice lake between the mountains. We walked along the path to the hut, and with every step it got darker.

Souvenirs for me but good memories

But when we arrived at the hut, it was already full. A company was doing a hiking trip and occupied almost every room. Fortunately, there are two huts, so we walked the way back to the other one. There we were lucky, as some people didn’t show up and we had a room just for the three of us. For the inner heating (and also because it was late, and the kitchen was almost closed) we got a soup, drinks and enough blankets for each of us in the room.

The next day we got up early, had breakfast and started to hike up to the Kalkspitzen. For me that wasn’t a really pleasant hike, because I got blisters at my heels and every step uphill hurt. So, I climbed the path slowly, wearing two pairs of socks and Hanna and Ziva needed to wait occasionally until I arrived. Even though I had plasters, they wouldn’t stay in place what it didn’t made it easier. As we came to the point up to the peaks all the hurting was forgiven and forgot because of the amazing view. I passed climbing up the peaks and watched our backpacks. But still I had a nice time with a beautiful view, sun and barely any wind.
Climbing back down was, even though it’s much more exhausting, way better for my feet. After another few hours we reached, happily but exhausted and a bit tired, the destination and it literally felt great to sit.     

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