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Weekend is for a walk in the nature

View on Tamsweg from Sankt Leonhard Church including me and my daughter on my back

We enjoyed the wonderful weather in Tamsweg as a family and started a short trip on Saturday. We started walking on the cultural- pad up to “Sankt Leonhard ob Tamsweg”. While starting walking, my daughter fell asleep, just as we found our way up to Sankt Leonhard. That fact was very nice, because so we could walk a longer distance. Since she can walk by her own, she wants to explore the world on her feet, and don’t get me wrong, I mean it is wonderful, but it takes a lot of time to get to the goal. And she also loves nature, espacially the mountains, so she loves to run some steps down and some steps up and again down and up.

Fixed ways in wildlife are not a thing for us

Nature path with a woman who carries a child on her back and a black dog

Due to the very beautiful sunshine, we decided to find our own way and found a very calm path through the forest On that path, the trees seemed sleepy and magically and it was very quiet. After a while, our dog Timur started sniffling, maybe he found some deer tracks. But when he checked it and realised that the tracks would lead him up to the mountain, he stopped sniffling. I guess he accepted that he is almost 14 years old and not light on his feet anymore. After a while, we decided to make our way down to the village, because it was enough nature for us for that day. And Timur was also very tired. Right bevor we entered our accommodation, we met Helena, who was on the way for a hike with Ziva.

Another day, another trip

Luckily, the weekend has two days

I really love to have a dog, because it doesn’t matter how tired I feel and it doesn’t matter how lazy and unmotivated I am, Timur needs his walk in the nature anyway. And usually if I could snatch up, I really enjoy the walk. So, on Sunday we started our daily walk in the nature in another direction, but again with beautiful sunny weather. First, we wanted to find the organic farm “Kandolfhof”, which I found in the internet. But when we realised it was just like one kilometre up the mountain, we decided to keep going to the next village called Lasaberg.

A follower appeared

While passing the Kandolfhof, a cute dog appeared and followed us a part of the way. And just as my husband thought of bringing the dog back to the farm (some cars where passing very fast), the dog disappeared into the bushes and was gone. Sometimes things are finishing without help. So, we kept walking and passed a nice hut, which was built just in the middle of the forest. It was a very idyllic place with a small water well.

Trips with a child can be slowing

We had a short brake so that our daughter could have a walk. She started to go a few steps up and a few steps down and again up and down. But it was very busy on the road and we kept walking after a short period of time. At like two-thirds of the way, we had a break and ate what we brought with us. Due to the mood of our daughter, we brought to an issue, that it would be a better idea to go back to the village and spent the rest of the day on a playground.

Child sitting in front of a fence

A day without a team is not a good day

We allready accepted to chill the evening at the playground and go to bed afterwards, when a teammember inveted us to go for a drink somewhere. And actually the whole Wilderness Society team including the other IVY Volunteers appeared and we had some inter-exchange about the weekend, but also give the week a nice ending while drinking a beer or a apple juice in my case.

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