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Medieval festival

One weekend I was greeted with glorious sunshine and the prospect of medieval shenanigans and steam trains.

Snacks packed and a bottle of water I made my way down to Sankt Andrä im Lungau. Along the way I met one of my other colleagues Hanna. She walked the last stretch with me and soon we found ourselves at the steam train. While I was busy marvelling at the train Hanna got a phone call, and in a bit of turmoil she shot off. Later I would discover that her best friend had arrived in Tamsweg to surprise her.

So while Hanna disappeared, I bundled onto one of the old wooden coaches of the steam train and began to enjoy the smells. Steam and fresh Alpine air, simply wonderful; and with a toot of the whistle off we set. As we trundled along towards to medieval festival at Mountaindorf it was astonishing to realise that less than 5 months ago, everything I could see was covered in a deep layer of snow.

The medieval festival was a really nice change of pace. Having plodded around the stalls looking at the many items for sale, I found myself a nice bench. With some of the others at European Wilderness Society we sat under the delicate shade of a tree and I watched the world pass me by.

From under the tree we could see some of the performances but we got up to see the Spanish flag tossing. I was told that it really is a fantastic show, and while it was very entertaining it was to windy for them. So regrettably they had to cut their show short. Non the less after a nice steam train journey, a fun time medieval window shopping with shows thrown into the mix, it was time to call it a day and head home and enjoy the rest of the setting sun in the garden.

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