European Wilderness Volunteer DiaryThe Diary of the European Wilderness Society Volunteers

Winter is coming

This week was a special one, I experienced the first snow of the year! We’ve had snowfall on the mountains a few times, but this time I got to feel the snow, and make a celebratory snowball and snow angel. Winter is coming!

That morning Nick and I were heading to Salzburg for an Erasmus workshop, so that meant… driving over the mountains! My face was pressed against the window in awe, the higher we rose the more snow appeared, until we were driving through the snowfall. I was experiencing random surges of Christmassy feelings with the snow, held in check only by the bass on the radio. And of course I took far too many pictures.

Snow is falling 

So here are a few of those photos, and some of my ridiculous face as I remember what snow feels like again (answer… soft, powdery and so cold).

P.S. When I start to complain that it’s too cold and winter is here for too long, remind me of how happy I was at this moment, seeing the snow and knowing that the whole of winter and all its possibilities for snowmen, skiing and snowball fights stretched ahead.