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Hi! We are writing from Tamsweg, Austria, where the European Wilderness Society is based. While Rebecca was the first volunteer, who wrote the earlier blog posts, the rest of us volunteers have taken up her mantle to keep this blog going. Here we write about the personal aspects of volunteering life and the adventures we get up to. In the office we each have differing roles but as a team we are all focused in helping each other, in order to meet the mission of making Europe wild again. Here you’ll read about our adventures in the mountains alongside office work and trips further afield.

Our destinations

What happend so far in Tamsweg?

Here in Tamsweg, we had strange weather conditions in the last weeks. First, we had just a bit of snow. But then, the snow fell and fell and within 12 hours, everything was covered in a very thick snow cover. The world started to be slower then usual, but also more dangerous. The snow fell and fell and …. On the way to the office, I took the bike, which turned out to be not the best idea. The roads were not really cleared and I wished to have skies insted of wheels. But I made it more or less save and sound to the office. While sitting in the office, we could see that the snow kept....

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What does the witch-hunt have to do with climate change

This text was written by two of the students, that participated in our Youth Green Conference.Author: Natalia Savko – student from UkraineTranslated by Anastasiia Banoi - student from Ukraine On the very beginning of October, a group of Ukrainian kids, NGO representatives, environmentalists and decision-makers took part in the Youth Green Conference 2019 about climate change, as a part of the Austrian-Ukrainian educational project of the same name. The European Wilderness Society and NGO FORZA, supported by the EU educational program ERASMUS+, implemented this project. After selection and a....

Four countries in seven days

Last two weeks were vey busy for me, as I went to my graduation ceremony in Oxford, followed by a meeting in Eberswalde. Thus, before I started my trip, there was also a lot of work in the office in the preparation for the Youth Green Conference, Insect Respect and Respect Nature projects next week. So last Tuesday I took the train back to Ljubljana in order to catch a flight to Oxford on the following day. With my family we still had a lot to pack, which was hindered by my friend visiting to watch our dog. As a result (not very unexpected), quite a few of my things stayed in Ljubljana, but....

Kick-off Meeting and Workshop for Whispering of the trees

On this late afternoon on the 5th of November 2019, the Kick-off Meeting for “Whispering of the trees” took place in the Eberswalde University for Sustainable Development. “Whispering of the trees” is a Citizen Engagement Activity, supported from the Interreg Volunteer Youth Programme. With those so called CEAs one can implement own little projects to promote the EU Cohesion Policy. So we started the event with a cosy get together and tasty homemade chili con/sin carne. Together with cheese, tortilla chips and drinks we discussed the movie “The Meaning of....

My week at the EU

While the others showed kids how respects insects, I attended the “EU week of regions and cities” at the EU headquarters in Brussels. Even though Tamsweg is a lovely place, it´s always great to make a trip and this was a special one. As an IVY volunteer, I had the chance to attend this event with a group of nine other volunteers. I didn´t really know what to expect, but I was interested in experiencing such a big event and meeting volunteers from other places. And EWS also thought this could be a good opportunity for me to make my first baby steps in the field of....

All about Insects at Burg Finstergrün

On the 7th of October the week started very exciting and full of joy. On Sunday, 15 ukrainian kids arrived after a long bus drive in the beautiful castle in Ramingstein, Austria. 50 Austrian kids followed the next day. With so many children around, our team met the experts of tomorrow. The plan was to get them ready for Insect Repsect. All of that was feasable through Interreg Volunteer Youth and the possibility to implement own Citizen Engagement Activities. Holisitic experience about insects We started the day with a wide ranging program to give our young experts the knowledge they needed....

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