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Hello! I’m a volunteer with the European Wilderness Society, and here on this blog you’ll find personal updates about my time living in Austria. You can read all about how often I get lost and how often I find myself caught in a thunderstorm inadequately prepared.  Adventure is never far away!

Monsters stalking the streets

One of the perks of living in a new country is experiencing a whole new culture. This is a big part of why I decided to move to Austria, to live somewhere new and discover a different culture. When I packed my bags eight months ago though, I had never in my wildest...

A Wild Video

We just published a video about our wild adventures in Ukraine this summer. Wilderness, art, friendship, culture… it was a bang of a week and this video is a little glimpse into our time there. Please enjoy!

Winter is coming

The first snow feel of the year, and all the accompanying happiness.

Becoming one with the European Wilderness Society

Just a quick update to say hello, and what I’ve been getting up to. As always there are buckets of English tea.

Let’s get wild at the Zoo!

9th September. Nick and I went to the zoo to make wolf masks at a family event, and it’s hard to say who had the most fun.. us or the children.

A good-for-the-soul, adventurous hike in the Alps

Recently I went hiking in the Alps, an adventurous, good for the soul hike that made me extraordinarily happy. And I took a bunch of photos. Enjoy!

Ready, Set, Ukraine!

Ukraine. We drove through Austria, Hungary and crossed the border into Ukraine, saying goodbye to the EU for ten days. It was like we entered a whole new world when we got to the Carpathian Mountains. We drove past forested hills and clear rivers; I stuck my head out the car window and dubbed it the ‘Ukrainian Shire’.

Are you our next volunteer? FAQs

You may have seen we’re looking for another volunteer… applications are open until the 14th September 2018, and here I answer a few common questions about the role, funding and living in Tamsweg.

Excuse me whilst I mention the weather

Week 10. An Irish murder and Ukraine on the horizon.

A Tale of Two Bike Rides

Week 9. A race against Dutch legs and the magic of peanut butter ice cream.

The European Wilderness Society

Founded in 2014, the European Wilderness Society is a Pan-European, Wilderness and environmental advocacy, non-profit, non-government organisation. Their mission is to, identify, designate, manage and promote Europe’s last Wilderness, WILDForests, WILDRivers, WILDCoasts and WILDIslands.

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