European Wilderness Volunteer DiaryThe Diary of the European Wilderness Society Volunteers

Author - Elena Leonteva

Quarantine in Vienna

Upon arrival to Austria, I was graciously met by my EWS-colleague Nathalie and we headed straight to the vaccination. As a matter of fact, I already have a Russian vaccine, but since it’s not acknowledged by the EU I had to make another one.  The vaccination experience turned out to be surprisingly exciting, performed at the very heart of Vienna in....

740-hour walk and all the wilderness I have skipped

Hi, Servus, Привет, my name is Elena and since January I’m the new ESC-Volunteer at the European Wilderness Society. Here’s the story of my 4297 km long journey from my hometown in Russia to Austria.  From the banks of Volga to the banks of Danube I cross multiple regions and countries, different ecological and time zones on my way to the EWS office. I move....

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