European Wilderness Volunteer DiaryThe Diary of the European Wilderness Society Volunteers

Julia Ramsauer

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Volunteering: an opportunity for more

Why do you volunteer? Maybe because you want to do something good or because you can learn more about the culture of a country? I personally always used it to gain valuable work experience while being able to live and travel in an exciting new place. I wouldn’t have thought that I would end up volunteering in my home country Austria, and even less that the....

Chasing adventures in Tyrol

When I imagined my first days at the European Wilderness Society, I imagined a completely different scenario. It involved an office, finding my way around town (or should I say around village?), and slowly getting to know my new colleagues. Reality, however, turned out to be so much better. I am a very spontaneous person. Thus, when my boss-to-be asked if I wanted to....