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European Wilderness Volunteer



Hello, and welcome to a wild blog.

I’m writing from Tamsweg, Austria where for the next 12 months I’ll be volunteering with the European Wilderness Society. I write content for the website and for publications, but this blog is a little corner of the internet to document the more personal aspects of volunteering life. Here you’ll read about my adventures in the mountains alongside office work and trips further afield.

I hope you’ll join me on my journey… let’s get wild!

And a little extra note…


I’m funded by the European Voluntary Service, through Erasmus+. If anything I say or do inspires you, they have projects all across Europe and I really encourage anyone aged between 18-30 to consider applying. Magic happens when you step out your comfort zone.


Recent Posts

I blog weekly on life in the mountains. Expect lots of rambles through nature, adventures in and out of the office and always a healthy dose of optimism.

Monsters stalking the streets

One of the perks of living in a new country is experiencing a whole new culture. This is a big part of why I decided to move to Austria, to live somewhere new and discover a different culture. When I packed my bags eight months ago though, I had never in my wildest...

A Wild Video

We just published a video about our wild adventures in Ukraine this summer. Wilderness, art, friendship, culture… it was a bang of a week and this video is a little glimpse into our time there. Please enjoy!

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