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Archive - September 2018

Let’s get wild at the Zoo!

300 wolves in the zoo Sunday morning dawned misty, and we left Tamsweg early in the morning with our backseat full of large carnivores, sheep and dogs… Our destination? Salzburg Zoo! The zoo was celebrating its 10 year anniversary of ‘OZO Artenschutztag’ (Species Conservation Day), so Nick and I were there representing the European Wilderness Society. Decked in our....

A good-for-the-soul, adventurous hike in the Alps

Happy hiking There are lots of good points to living here in Austria; my team, wild and enthusiastic. My work, because I love knowing that I’m contributing to saving Europe’s wildest places… but the third great thing here is the mountains. Yes I talk and write about them a lot, but that’s only because I think they’re marvellous. Recently I went hiking in the Alps, an....

Ready, Set, Ukraine!

Ukraine. We drove through Austria, Hungary and crossed the border into Ukraine, saying goodbye to the EU for ten days. It was like we entered a whole new world when we got to the Carpathian Mountains. We drove past forested hills and clear rivers; I stuck my head out the car window and dubbed it the ‘Ukrainian Shire’.

Are you our next volunteer? FAQs

The European Wilderness Society is currently looking for another volunteer to start in Jan/Feb 2019. We’re excited to welcome another wolf into our pack, and put the call out on our website and social media. There’s been a lot of interest (hello to you all!) and we get a lot of questions. I’ve started to repeat myself so enter my solution… a short Q&A. These are....